Mark Bruce
Mark A. Bruce, founding member of BPTS, has 20+ years of experience providing Industry leading property tax service to a variety of clients ranging from individuals to the largest financial institutions in the United States. He began his career in property taxation as a data entry clerk with Industry Consulting Group, Inc., and excelling to the executive position of Vice President. Mark possesses management skills directly related to managing large property tax portfolios of Minerals Assets, Business Personal Property, Residential and Commercial Real Estate. He has been a licensed Property Tax Consultant for more than 18 years, holding licenses in Arizona, California and Texas, has been a designated Senior Property Tax Consultant by the State of Texas for more than 10 years, as well as a voting member in good standing with the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals for 9+ years. He has successfully appealed, negotiated and settled mineral values in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming and Texas as well as representing mineral interests in 25 States across the country. He has experienced similar success with real estate property appeals in more than 25 States along with representing real estate assets in all 50 States and two foreign countries.
Kandis has 10+ years of property tax experience that includes, more than 5 years of experience managing a property tax service department with more than 350,000 mineral interests, and directly involved in the operations of BPTS since 2016. She has been extremely successful in managing more than 20 employees and has a proven record of providing the highest levels of service in the industry. Kandis is an integral part of the success of BPTS.
Julie Bruce
Julie adds her 36+ years of accounting experience to our BPTS leadership group. She has obtained an expert level of knowledge in QuickBooks over her many years in the accounting arena. Julie has also been directly involved in all aspects of management in the retail sales industry throughout her career. As Co-Owner of BPTS, she provides direction and assistance in all financial matters, as well as utilizing her many years of employee management to assist with BPTS Human Relations information, processes and regulatory requirements.
John Easterwood
John has 26+ years working in the technology industry. He has worked within the property tax industry for more 6 years and has been directly, and indirectly, involved in design, building and testing application systems utilizing innovative perspectives and ideas. As a director of information technology John Manages technical projects in alignment with organizational goals. He is also responsible for the reliable operation of all computer systems, the effective delivery of networks, and disaster recovery systems for the entire BPTS network.
Autumn Dancer
Autumn joined our team in 2019, and she is a perfect fit for BPTS. Along with her more than 5 years of mineral property tax experience, 2 of which included managing as many as 10 employees, she adds her strong work ethic to our team. She understands the importance of customer service and providing the best service in the industry to our clients. BPTS is very fortunate to add her experience, knowledge and attitude to our team.